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Using GPS Utility

Things to Do - for some of the things you can use GPS Utility for
Degree Confluence Project
GeoCaching - have fun with your GPS
GeoDashing - more fun with your GPS
The Geographing Group
Geocaching - with
Hiking Forums - worldwide hiking forum

GPS Utility Software Sites

Kuba Software Hub - Kuba download site for GPSU
Bytes in Software Hub - Bytes In download site for GPSU

Some GPS Utility Users homepages

Simon Edwardes's Hill Bagging site - for enthusiastic UK Walkers
Jim Willsher & Outdoor Scotland - walking in Scotland and plenty more
Andrew Donald's Miscellanea - see the GPS section, notes on home made Garmin cable
Alan and Linda's Hill Walking Pages - Hill walks in the UK

GPS Cables and Antennas

GPS Accessories - for cables
Plugs for Garmins - more plugs and cables
Magellan 315 home made cable by Richard Levasseur
Re-radiating Antennas - Re-radiating antennas etc.
Purple Computing - for USB to Serial (RS232) DB9M cable
How do I connect my Garmin GPS to a PC?