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Links to general GPS information

General Information

GPS Information - more than you need to know - for really useful information on maps, geography, and GPS.
Tom's Garmin GPS pages - excellent site for Garmin info.
Dale DePriests pages - a wealth of information
GPS Nuts - lots of interesting information
Aviation Formulary - some of the mathematics
Orthometric Height (MSL) - explanation of heights
US Navy Technical resources - in case you missed anything
US Navy technical info - for all the glorious detail
The SA removal event - what happened on 2 May 2000
Packet Radio - excellent source of information
NMEA information
The Universal Transverse Mercator System - a description
UTM coordinate system - more details
NGA Datum Table - list of datums
A2Z GPS - lots of useful information here.

Introduction and Overviews

Garmin Manuals - an introduction to GPS
Trimble introduction to GPS - the best introduction to GPS
GPS Tutorials - pointers to other tutorials
US Navy GPS System Description - from the horses mouth
The Geographers Craft - excellent source of overview links
GPS Resources - by Travel by GPS
Conversion Formulae
Map Projections - Useful guide
Datum and tranformations - Useful information and data

Documents, Books

Sam Wormley's GPS Book List - for some good bedtime reading
gpsuser specs - pdf document
gps specs 1 - pdf document
gps specs 2 - pdf document
icd200c.pdf - pdf document
Rinex status - for reference
Garmin's Manuals - in case you lost yours
Grids and Datums - American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

GPS News and Status

GPS - for the latest news on GPS topics
Sam Wormley's GPS News - for keeping up to date
GPS Active lists
GPS Satellite Status
Trimble SatView - Satellite charts
Two Line Elements for GPS satellites
Almanac to TLE - ALM2TLE - Information Page

DGPS and Averaging

Trimble Differential Tutorial - about DGPS
Continuously Operating Reference Stations - from National Geodetic Survey
Scott Degenhardt averaging
Articles for a Cloudy Night - an interesting article
GPS Errors & Determining Your Receiver's Accuracy
Removal of GPS Selective Availability (SA)
Garmin 12XL Accuracy Report - Post SA - by John Bonde
Post SA GPS Accuracy Measurements
David L. Wilson's GPS Accuracy Web Page