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Map and Waypoint related Links


Happy Hiker site - simple to follow directions for UK walking routes, GPS downloads and basic advice on walking issues.
Hill Bagging site - Simon Edwardes UK mountain and hill lists
Alan and Linda's Hill Walking Pages - Hill walks in the UK
Walk Highlands - Your free guide to walks in the Highlands of Scotland
Baja GPS waypoints - for Mexico North region GPS waypoints and guides
Public NIMA GNPS query form - publically available Geographic data base
GPS Waypoint Pointers - links to many waypoint sources
Waypoints at Swopnet - Waypoint lists
The GPS WAYPOINT REGISTER of SOUTHERN AFRICA - just what it says it is
GPS Waypoints for Boaters - Marine waypoints, USA
Phil's GPS Waypoint Resource Page - UK mountains & walks
Hill Bagging in ENGLAND/WALES - by Simon Edwardes
Hill Bagging in SCOTLAND - by Simon Edwardes
Scottish Hills and Mountains - Munros, Corbetts, Donalds & Grahams
Host name to Lat/Long - locate any host geographically
Sam's Waypoint resource - more links
Name Files of Selected countries - coordinates of cities/towns
Lake District Walks - Excellent UK site with GPS Routes
European Flying waypoints - waypoints
Tele Atlas - street address to coordinates and map USA
USA Aviation POIs for Magellan 315
Welcome to WaypointsDotPH! Philippine Treks, Tourist Destinations and GPS Waypoints.
Doyle Guides - Eastern Caribbean - Sailing waypoints from Anguilla to Venezuela
Nautical GPS Waypoints - Netherlands marine waypoints
WALKGPS - Bushwalks in the Perth Region, Western Australia

Aircraft - Aircraft Shared Navigations Site


Terrain Viewer - 3D Color rendering program
Etak Address to Map - (USA)
Topozone place name search - (USA)
LandView III - USA Land use mapping program
MapsOnUs - find you way in the USA
MapBlast - search by street name
Multimap for UK places - (UK)
Multimap for UK places - (UK)
StreetMap for UK places - (UK)
TravelGIS - Universal Geocoding Service
MS Terraserever - world maps
USGS Coastline Extractor - for worldwide coastlines
Sam's GIS resources - with more links
Maps on Yahoo - just look up the address. - USA Only
AGIS for Windows - for producing presentation quality maps from your GPS data
CAD Viewer - excellent for viewing CAD files - 1200 nautical charts online - for aero charts
OS Getamap service - UK maps by postcode
Maporama - for lat/long anywhere
NOAA Raster Charts - BSB charts

Image Stitching

(for assembling map tiles into a large map)
Image Assembler - well recommended
PanoramaFactory - well recommended
PanoTools - good free tool
Mapscan for Windows - bit buggy, but free
The Panorama Factory