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The standard edition of GPS Utility is a 32 or 64-bit application and runs on Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2000, WinME, WinXP, MS Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

It has also been know to run under SuSE Linux 7.3 Professional using a an emulator/sockets layer called "Wine" - but in this case the Help System does not work - please use the RTF file supplied for this..

There is a 16-bit edition GPS Utility-Lite (GPSU-LT) for use on Windows 3.1. This does not have all the function of the Standard Edition.

The standard edition of GPSU includes the following:

Transfer data between a GPS Receiver and a PC

See the list of supported GPS receivers.

Manage your data

Edit, sort, filter your GPS data - for example select all waypoints within a particular distance from a route. Easy editing of your GPS data, reverse routes etc.. Save your data in ASCII text files for easy editing with a text editor.


Exchange data with other GPS information sources. Useful if you wish to obtain waypoints/routes/tracks from other GPS applications and transfer this to your GPS. Or export your data for use in other programs - for example, making your own maps etc.
  • Import/Export Anquet (AEF, ARF), Datasend, Delorme (AN1,GPL), EasyGPS, Fugawi, Gartrip, Google Earth, GPX applications, IGN Rando, ISYS (HWR), JRC (WPT), Kartex, Lowrance (USR), Magellan SD cards, MapSource, Maptech, MaxSea, MemoryMap, Navigo (DAT), Neptune (WAY), OziExplorer, Pathaway, Raymarine (FSH), Satmap (MAP), Tom Tom navigator, |Trimble (ASC), Tracklogs, Waypoint+. plus various GIS applications such as : MapInfo, Manifold, AutoCad, Arcview, (DXF, DBF, SHP, MIF files etc.)
  • Import
    AA milemaster, Anquet (ADF), Autoroute Express (*.ARX), COR, IGS, Delorme (SA..), Globalsat (GSD), G7toWin, MapSource (MPS), Meri-CD (MCD), Quodfish (UDB), Routemaster, SeaClear (SRW), SeaPro (GXF), SEG P1, Sony Ericsson, Streets and Trips (*.EST), Teletype Pro.
  • Export
    Autoroute Express pushpins, GPS Topographer, Route cards, Surfer, CSV files for database/spreadsheet programs
  • Image Export
    Export of Google Earth Custom Overlay bitmap files (KML, KMZ)

Datum/Grid Conversions

GPSU supports a wide range of datums and grids and so you can convert your data between them easily (e.g. UTM, British Grid, Lat/Long, Maidenhead and so on).


Draw and print maps of the raw GPS data or superimpose this upon a scanned map image. Digitize data from scanned paper maps for use in a GPS receiver. Save maps as Google Earth custom maps.

Data Analysis

Produce reports of your data either in tabular form or graphically e.g. Route cards, Track analysis, Area calculations, Altitude profiles. This is useful if you wish to use your data in a report or other document.

JPG Photo Correlation

This takes a GPS track recording and correlates the timestamps with the timestamps of digital photographs, thereby producing the coordinates of where the photo was taken. This information can then be written into the JPG file.

Complex Functions

These are some of the more advanced tools available in GPS Utility.
  • Convert Waypoints/Routes to tracks or vice versa.
  • Compress tracklogs into smaller tracklogs.
  • Generate search patterns, e.g. rectangular, zig-zag, square, area search. and so on - such patterns can then be loaded directly into your GPS.
  • Average waypoints and cluster waypoints within a defined distance into groups

Real Time functions

Gather current position/time in real time and log this or plot on a map display, Show the speed, bearing, distance on the Position Console, mark current position (Man overboard function). Show the position which is offset from the current GPS receiver position (as in towing a barge).

A more detailed list of functions is also available.

Note: Some recent improvements may not be included in this list.

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