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For managing, manipulating and mapping GPS data

Detailed list of Functions

Capacity Limitations

  • Freeware version
    This version is limited to 100 waypoints, 5 routes of up to 10 waypoints each, 500 trackpoints, bitmap image size of 2000x2000 pixels.
  • Shareware version
    This version can handle up to 65000 waypoints, 500 routes, 500000 trackpoints. The bitmap image size is limited by the available storage resources of your system.
For more details, please see the Help topic in GPSU on 'freeware' and 'registered version'.

Note: For details of the the Windows 3.1 edition, see GPS Utility LITE is provided for Windows 3.1 and has reduced capabilities.

GPS Utility Standard Edition

  1. Supported GPS Receivers
    Please see the list of supported GPS Receivers for details.
  2. General
    • Save waypoints, route and track data to PC files
    • Basic Edit capability for waypoints, routes and trackpoints
    • Enter coordinates in a variety of formats
    • Use Distance and Bearing in for Waypoint creation
    • Sort waypoints by name/date/time/latitude/longitude/symbol/comments/altitude
    • Filter waypoints and tracks by name/geographic area/distance from current point
    • Convert coordinates between map datums
    • View in different coordinate formats (Lat/Long or Grids)
    • Work with multiple sets of data displayed on the sceen at the same time
    • Copy/Paste data between data sets even when referenced to different datums
    • Automatic Symbol set translation between different GPS Receiver types
    • Supports color, altitude and named tracks
    • Create Waypoints and Routes from Track information
    • Tools to average waypoints and tracks
    • Generate Search Patterns round a waypoint
    • Tools to find the area of closed tracks and routes
    • Track Charts (plots of speed/altitude versus distance/time)
    • Output various reports of track/route information
    • Auto setting of PC clock from GPS time
    • External COM interface for access to GPSU internal functions (experimental)
    • Time correlate JPG photos with GPS track and waypoint coordinate information

  3. Coordinate formats (grids)
    • Latitude and Longitude (degrees, degrees-mins, degrees-mins-secs)
    • British (both alphabetic zone and 6 digit numeric forms), Irish Grids
    • German, Swiss, Swedish, Finnish grids, Norwegian NGO
    • Netherlands, Belgium, Gauss-Boaga, Czech, Greek grids,
    • Egypt, Geogia, Israeli (both old and new),
    • Taiwan, West Malayan RSO, Singapore grids,
    • Maidenhead Locator Grid (Ham radio)
    • Lambert grid (French Zone2 etendu, California State Plane, N Carolina etc.)
    • New Zealand Map, St Lucia, Costa Rica grids,
    • Quebec SCOPQ multizone grid,
    • South Africa
    • Many USA Stateplanes (see Help on Stateplanes)
    • .... more on request to the author

  4. Import/Export
    • Arcview SHP files (with limitations - see below)
    • DataSend POIs for import/export (Magellan 315/320)
    • Delorme AN1, SA9 and GPL files
    • DBF file export/import
    • DXF export/import of trackpoints/waypoints
    • Fugawi *.wpt, *.rte and *.trk files
    • Garmin PCX5, Waypoint+ comma delimited formats and OziExplorer files
    • Garmin *.hst history files
    • GPX Interchange format files
    • Gartrip 2.04 files
    • Google Earth (*.kml) files
    • IGN Rando (*.rdn) track files
    • ISYS (*.hwr) files
    • JRC (*.wpt) files
    • Kartex (*.kwf, *.krf, *.ktf)
    • Lowrance (*.usr) files
    • Magellan MapSend *.wpt files
    • MapInfo (with some limitations)
    • Maptech (*.mxf, *rxf, *txf)
    • MaxSea (*.wpt) route files
    • Navigo (*.dat) files
    • Neptune (*.way) files
    • Raymarine (*.fsh) files
    • Pathaway PDB files (with some limitations)
    • Satmap (*.map) files
    • Tracklogs Digital Mapping (*.trl) files (UK maps)
    • Trimble (*.asc) files
    • Yeoman WPL format waypoints

  5. Import
    • Support of 'Minimal' format files.
    • AA Milemaster file (*.trp)
    • Anquet files (*.adf)
    • MS AutoRoute Express Routes (Start, Stops and End Points) (AEU, AXE and AXG files)
    • COR files>
    • Gartrip import (*.wp) files
    • Gardown files (limited support only)
    • Globalsat (*.gsd) files
    • G7toWin
    • Routemaster and AutoStreet (*.isr files)
    • IGS/GAC files (soaring)
    • Magellan SD card files
    • MapSource files (*.mps and *.gdb)
    • MaxSea(*.ptf) files
    • Memorymap (*.mmo) files
    • Meri-CD files (Finland)
    • Quodfish (*.udb) files
    • Rayming Corporation datalogger files
    • SeaClear (*.srw) files
    • SeaPro GTR files
    • SEG PI files
    • Sony Ericsson files
    • 'Streets and Trips' Routes (Start, Stops and End Points) (EST files)
    • Teletype Pro files
    • USGS Coastline Extractor MAPGEN files.

  6. Export
    • CSV files for Database/Spreadsheet programs
    • Route and Track information (speed, distance and time)
    • Routes in a Route Card format (for import to spreadsheet programs)
    • Waypoints ready for import into AutoRoute express
    • Raw track data
    • GPS Topographer format files
    • Fugawi files (text form)

  7. Real Time operations
    • Gather current position at regular time intervals
    • Plot current position on a "Moving Map" display
    • Interface Monitor for diagnostics and NMEA sentence logging
    • Position Console for current status and route information
    • Set PC clock from GPS time (AutoSet)

  8. Mapping and Digitizing
    • Map GPS information
    • Support for many image formats (JPG/TIF/PNG/WMF/EMF etc)
    • Image zooming and panning function
    • Add map annotation in text and image form (registered version only)
    • Graphical editing (drag waypoints/trackpoints)
    • Export map image as bitmap
    • Overlay GPS information on bitmaps
    • Digitise waypoints, routes, tracks from on-screen bitmaps
    • Display tracks with time and/or speed information
    • Measure distances between points
    • Export map at *.EMF file
    • Export maps as Google Earth Custom maps

  9. Printing/Plotting GPS information
    • Data in list form
    • Map to defined scales or to fit the page

You can obtain this Edition from the download page.

Note: There may also be a Beta Test version available which contains improvements and bug fixes.

There is also a Win3.1 version of GPSU called GPS Utility (Lite) Edition

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