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For transfering data to/from your GPS receiver

Supported GPS Receivers

Please note that many GPS receivers support data transfer via memory card files - see your user manual for the method used by your GPS. Please check the list of import/export file formats to see if GPSU supports your GPS via File|Open... and File|Save As... rather than by a wired interface.

  1. GPS Utility has been tested with many (but not all!) Garmin models.
    The Garmin USB interface is now supported. Please let the author know if you find a Garmin GPS which does not work with GPS Utility.

    The Garmin IQue (PDA GPS) and the following old Garmin products are not supported: GPS150, GNC300, GPS155, GNC250, GNC250XL and GNC300XL. The Garmin Geko 101 does not have a PC connection.

  2. Magellan products are also supported. The following are known to work: Meridian, Sportrak, 315/320, 330, 410, 2000XL, 3000XL, NAV6000, Explorist range, but other Magellans may work as well. The 5000DLX is only supported via the NMEA interface.
  3. MLR receivers for waypoint and route upload and download.
  4. Furuno (GP30/35, GP31/36, 32/37, 1650, 1850 and Navnet Series) receivers for waypoint and route upload and download.
  5. Simrad Shipmate (CP32, RS5700) receivers for waypoint upload and download.
  6. Silva/Brunton receivers for waypoint/route upload/download and track download
  7. Northstar (941, 951, 952 Series, and 6000i series) receivers for waypoint upload and download.
  8. Raytheon receivers (NAV398, RN300, Chartplotter) for waypoint upload/download.
  9. Standard Horizon for waypoint upload/download.
  10. Lowrance/Eagle possibly with minor limitations.
  11. Other receivers (perhaps with some limitations) using the NMEA interface.
If in doubt, please try your GPS using the Freeware version of GPS Utility - all interface functions are enabled in this version.

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