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GPSU - Olex File Converter

The registered version of GPSU - Olex File Converter has now been withdrawn from sale.
It is replaced by version 1.20 which is a fully functional Freeware version.
Service and Support is discontinued except for users, who registered version 1.18 within the previous 12 months.


This application can be used to convert Olex files to/from GPS Utility file format. The program attempts to transfer as many attributes and properties from the original data as possible. However, because of differences between Olex and GPSU there will be cases in which it is not possible to transfer all of the data.

The freeware version is not limited in capacity. This should allow you to test the program to see if it meets your requirements. The freeware version is not time limited.

Downloading the Current Version

  NewGPSU Olex File Converter Utility New

Version 1.20 Released 1-April-2023


Run the downloaded file. This will install the file converter into program installation folder (recommended) used by GPS Utility. It will also install an Olex symbol set for use by GPSU. If you wish to make use of this symbol set, then in GPSU go to Options|Field Properties and type in "SSOlex" into the Symbol Set box.

Service & Support

Please send any problems or suggestions for improvement to Alan Murphy - see the email address on the main GPS Utility Service & Support page.


The GPSU-Olex File Converter no longer requires users to register the software. This program is now provided as fully functional Freeware which does not require registration. However, if you find the program useful and would like to make a donation to the author, Alan Murphy, then please use the button below.
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Any donations you make will help to keep the website open and the program readily available for other users.

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