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ON TRACK Special Edition Download Page

The ON TRACK special edition provide an easy means for the upload of ON TRACK Routes and Waypoints to GPS receivers. This edition is functinally similar to the basic Freeware edition of GPS Utility but it has the following capacity limits:

  • 500 Waypoints
  • 20 Routes each of up to 50 waypoints
  • 2000 Trackpoints
  • 10 Track Summary entries
  • 2 Data Set windows (+ 2 Map windows)
  • 2500x2500 pixel Map window
  • 2 Map Annotations
The Save, Print and Copy functions are NOT supported. Other functional restrictions are the same as for the base GPS Utility Freeware version.

The ON TRACK Premium Edition has the full capability of the GPS Utility registered edition. To obtain this Edition you need to register the product.

Please read the Conditions of Use before downloading any files.

GPS Utility - ON TRACK Special Edition
Version 4.25.5, Released 10-MAR-06

This file contains the all the files you need to install and run GPS Utility together with a number of sample files to get you going.

Download EITHER

  1. the self install exe file (recommended) - run this and GPSU will install itself
    Download GPSU GPS Utility ON TRACK Version 4.25.5 - (EXE) - 1.49M
  2. the ZIP file (for users unable to download the EXE file)
    unzip and run the Setup file.
    Download GPSU GPS Utility ON TRACK Version 4.25.5 - (ZIP) - 1.45M
If you are upgrading and have your own copies of datums, grids or symbol set files, then take care to back them up before installation.

Note: If you have previously used the standard freeware version of GPSU, then your settings will be set to a maximum of 10 waypoints per route. After installing version 4.25.5, you may wish to change this setting in Options|General up to a maximum of 50 waypoints per route.

GPS Utility - ON TRACK - Beta Test Version

This is provided for users who have requested new function or to fix problems with the standard version. Only download this if you have a problem with the standard version and you think that this may have been fixed. Please note that the Beta test version has not been thoroughly tested and should be used with caution.

The Beta test version is not currently available - see standard version 4.25.5

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